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of pomp and circumstance, what president obama said in his speech that no other president has dared to mention. in ayers to d-c, where she met up with many people from the who wanted to be good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we sent cbs5 reporter kristin ayers to d.c. where she met up with many people from the bay area who wanted to be part of it all. >> reporter: it was really a pleasure meeting people from all over the bay area out today on the national mall. they told me they felt inspired by president obama, by his speech in particular. president obama made history today speaking a three letter word that no other president has ever spoken in an inauguration address, gay. so he made history with that today and after the politics followed the parties. ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ ♪ >> reporter: jennifer hudson sang let's stay together as the president and first lady shared the first dance at one of two inaugural balls. the events capped off an historic day in the nation's capital. >> today we experienced the
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majesty of our democracy. >> reporter: president obama also danced with an air force staff sergeant at the commander in chief's ball, the first lady wearing a jason wu gown once again dancing with a marine gunnery sergeant. there were four balls. four years ago there were 10. the events were scaled back, but the celebration was not. the highlight of the day came hours earlier just before noon. the president put his hand on bibles owned by president lincoln and by doctor martin luther king, jr. and recited the oath of office. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: standing before the crowd of hundreds of thousands, president obama spoke about inclusion, cooperation and hope. >> you and i as citizens have the obligation to shape the debates of our time, not only with the votes we cast, but with the voices we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring ideas. >> reporter: as he was leaving the capitol steps the president
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paused to take in the spectacle. i'll never see this again he said before continuing to the parade. the obamas walked part of the route to the white house, then took their place in the reviewing stand. president obama talked about gun control, social security, gay rights. these are issues that he addressed throughout the campaign. so definitely taking an aggressive stance on some of those issues and urging republicans or congress in general to join him and unify over some of those really tough issues. one thing we always love to watch when it comes to inauguration is, of course, the fashion. michelle obama certainly made it well worth it tonight at the inaugural ball ceremony. she came out wearing a designer you might recognize, jason wu. that dress showed off her toned arms. it was just stunning, a ruby velvet and chiffon dress and again made by the same guy who created the white dress that she wore at the 2009 inauguration. we also saw the first lady in a
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navy silk checked pattern and coat dress by thom browne with a belt from j crew. she loves to mix it up with high low along with a necklace by kathy waterson. her -- cathy waterman. those bangs across her forehead have to be the most popular in the world now. they are calling it a carly look after a model, sort of a choppy look but adorable. people have just been talking about this nonstop. i saw them. i actually saw her and mr. obama dancing today and i approved. i thought they looked great today. >> it was so much fun to watch and neat to follow the anticipation on what she'd be wearing. i want to go back to an earlier point. today the theme was can't we all just get along, togetherness. do you think that was enough to help washington keep the peace today or the folks will be at each other's throats essentially again tomorrow? >> reporter: they certainly have been at each other's
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throats quite a bit. when we're talking about some of these serious issues, it's hard to imagine there will be a sudden break-through based solely on a speech coming from mr. obama, although he certainly made his case today. i spoke to nancy pelosi earlier in the weekend and she said the no. 1 factor to break gridlock in washington is going to come from the constituents of congressmen and women. that may really what about makes the difference as opposed to anything that mr. obama had to say today, but i guess we'll see. if you remember nothing else tonight, remember this. we are your super bowl station and so we want to see your 49ers spirit. come on! hey, these guys are in the spirit. here's brent, irene and tatiana of fairfield doing their best kaepernicking move, very good, we approve and jess in brentwood sent this in about 45 minutes ago. clearly it's a family that is torn a bit and ryan in san jose
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says he's a super fan who has had front row season tickets since 1991. wouldn't it be so we'll be showing more fan photos later in the newscast. keep them coming to would be it nice to go to the came? of course. we can only imagine how much it would cost, so we asked kiet do to crunch the numbers. >> reporter: at the 49ers official team store in palo alto, it's a question many fans haven't asked themselves in a generation. are you going to super bowl? >> unfortunately i'm not. >> reporter: you going? >> no. >> yeah, i wish. you going to give me tickets? >> reporter: why not? the laws of supply and demand will be in full effect at the superdome. the cheapest seat is $2,000. air fare from the bay area to new orleans is about 1,000. a halfway decent hotel will run you 500 a night and then there are the meals, car rental and souvenirs. even for the biggest fan it all adds up to one big maybe.
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>> i'm trying, man. i'm trying. >> reporter: john ziska says his dad just might pay for him to go. can i come? >> i got to go first. >> reporter: katherine calvinaro is a nurse and her boyfriend is a nursing student. both are seriously thinking about going. for two people that's close to $10,000. you are a student and you got 10 grand sitting around? >> no. but i love this team very much and it's been almost seven years. we're getting very close to it. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, $10,000 will buy you 263 nfc championship hats or 85 kaepernick jerseys, but a lot of fans told us today the next best thing to spending money on the super bowl, season tickets at the new stadium. you know what they say. if you have to ask, you can't afford it. the most expensive tickets are $300,000, about the price of a
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small condo here in the bay area. >> very small condo. >> kiet do, you're not going either. thank you very much. i know that you've heard it quite a few times already. it's called the har within bowl or the har within -- the har- bowl or the har brawl. so it's already started, sort of a good natured -- >> what kind of condo can you get for $300,000? >> not bad. >> maybe a sideline after the football game. if you believe jim harbaugh, he hasn't spoken to his brother john since the super bowl became a family affair. even father jack is keeping a lid on it. perhaps because they had to endure all this hype last year when john's ravens beat jim's 49ers. >> doesn't matter who the coach is or, you know, what relationship you have with somebody on the opposite side. you're trying to beat them.
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>> can we all agree just forget about that stuff? we did that last year, okay? it was fine. it got old last year, right? >> love you, man. >> i'm so proud of you. >> no matter how it comes out you can't change that. >> exactly right. >> every moment that you're talking about myself or john, you know, that's less time that the players are going to be talked. about. >> we had a few dreams. we had a few fights. we had a few arguments just like all brothers. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll let the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> we haven't spoken, a couple texts. >> so you get the point. any brotherly love will have to wait until after the super bowl, but coming up the dream that jim harbaugh has about his quarterback, colin kaepernick. >> oh, okay. >> we'll wait for that. thanks. cbs5 is your super bowl station. >> i told you. >> i know. we will have live team coverage from new orleans with reports
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from mr. dennis, vern glenn, and mike sugerman. coming up you've heard about manti te'o, now coming up the tweets that led to that situation. >> cbs5 hi-def doppler dry for the 10th consecutive day. that's going to change, but tonight it's all about a beautiful picture from twin peaks city hall lit up for the 9ers, your forecast next.
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in the arm tonight. it happened about 6-30 on seminary and bromley avenues. police have one the area is an undercover police officer in east oakland was shot in the arm tonight at about 6:30 on seminary and braunly avenues. police have one suspect in custody. the area is closed off so police can look for two other suspects. the police officer will be okay. a spectacular fire burned for most of the day at beal air force base up near marysville. it started around 2:30 this afternoon in a civil engineering building that dates back to the 1940s. the only person inside that two- story building got out okay. still no word why it started, but we're told it shouldn't affect operations at beal. ng ocean? chopper
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a surfer caught on the rocks faced quite a dilemma today. climb up or jump back into the churning surf. chopper 5 was over the cliff house near ocean beach where this man was stranded with only his surf board. cbs5 reporter linda yee shows us his leap of faith. >> reporter: daniel rosen said he finally calmed down after scrambling up seal rock. >> big rip tide, really big waves. yeah, i was way out of my element. >> reporter: he was surfing with a buddy, but rosen admits he's an amateur and he couldn't handle the rip current. >> started getting sucked out to the bay, climbed onto the rock because i didn't want to go all the way out and get eaten by a shark. >> it's frightening, though, for sure that, moment when you realize there's something stronger than you pulling you out is no good. >> reporter: his friend made it to shore and called for help but the heavy surf was a problem. even rescue crews couldn't get close enough because the rip tide was so strong, so the
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surfer had to jump back in the water and paddle towards them. rosen was hesitant, but he did it. >> once he was padding out into the bay with the fire department, they're like you got to keep going. this is now or never. so that was definitely the hardest thing. the waves were way too big, way too big. >> reporter: rescuers helped him paddle past the break onto a waiting boat. rosen learned a tough lesson. >> beginner surfers don't surf ocean beach. >> reporter: linda yee, cbs5. among the bay area folks who went to washington for the inauguration today, a man for whom this day has special significance. cbs5 reporter kristen ayers spent some time with a civil rights pioneer. >> reporter: that's right. george carroll really has been a trailblazer in his community of richmond, california. we got a chance to speak to him. he's actually in the beginning stages of a terrible disease that is robbing him of his memories, but that hasn't stopped his family from
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bringing him to washington d.c. to create new ones. when 90-year-old george carroll tells me about his life, his journey from student to soldier -- >> i was drafted into the army during the world war no. 2. >> reporter: to judge and political leader in richmond, california. he talks as if it happened yesterday. >> the governor appointed me to the municipal court. >> reporter: for his wife janey and his family it's a surprising moment of clarity, but moments later carroll repeats those facts as if he never said those. >> then they raised me to superior court. >> reporter: george carroll is the first black mayor of richmond, the man for whom this contra county courthouse is named and george carroll is suffering from prealzheimer's. >> i told george we have to go. >> reporter: that did not stop his wife from insisting that the couple and their family come to washington d.c. for president obama's inauguration,
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a day that means more to them than many of us can imagine. >> it was always racism in this country. >> my mother lived and died and never was allowed to vote ever. >> reporter: a brooklyn boy who broke down racial barriers in law and politics, carroll knows what it means to be a trailblazer. he and janey's pride in the president practically bursts out of them. >> people are walking taller and holding their heads up and we are just proud. >> i never thought i would say a black president. >> reporter: on a frigid inauguration day the carrolls could not make it to the national mall to see the swearing in up close. they would happily watch from their hotel the words of dr. martin luther king ringing in her ear. >> he said i may not get there to see it, but it's coming and look at us. it's here. it is really here. >> reporter: uncertain whether her husband would remember this, but holding onto hope.
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a really remarkable couple, i absolutely enjoyed talking to them. i'm glad they got to live that dream out this weekend. >> couple amazing americans there. thank you for that. meet va. how big a 49ers fan are you? >> a whole bunch of you have been sending in your photos. meet 9-year-old rose bava who came to san francisco in 1952 and has been a season ticket holder the last 30 years. >> it's a family affair for these guys in east palo alto all decked out in red and gold and don't they look great. >> check out these guns. this is raul's version of the kaepernick pose. he tells us he's been a 49ers fan since the '80s. >> and while we can't see donna from san francisco, these are her fingernails. you think she was able to do that herself? she's got the spirit, too. >> that's pretty good. send us your photos to
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we'll player as many as we can every night. keep them coming. >> it's just bursting out of people. they've got to show it, undefeated in super bowls. we're going to stay that way, aren't we? >> yes, we are. we've been unrained on about 10 days. that's going to change, one thing we do want to change. clear skies allowing us to cool off rapidly in our inland valleys again, concord, livermore, santa rosa, you'll have frost on that front lawn. contrast that with san francisco, 53 degrees in the city, oakland 48. a lot of you went outside tonight, peek up at the moon and saw something next to it. that was jupiter. from our perspective making its closest pass to the moon between now and the year 2026. a man you enjoyed that earlier today -- maybe you enjoyed that earlier today. lows tonight right around freezing for concord and livermore, fairfield 30, santa rosa 31, oakland and san francisco likely in the 40s.
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another chilly night. cloud cover is about to increase. some of the high thin cirrus clouds are working their way through, but there's a mass of clouds off to the west. it's going to wait until late tomorrow, but the clouds are coming and showers as well. high pressure hangs on one more day. as high pressure takes off we get a southerly flow. tomorrow will be the warmest day of this mild stretch, but then high pressure moves out. the low moves in and here comes the rain, scattered showers in the forecast wednesday. so we are sunny and mild tomorrow, cooler with showers wednesday, another round of rainfall moving in for the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow 60s, mid-60s for san jose, low 60s for hayward and pacifica, low to mid-60s for walnut creek and pleasant hill, sunshine, san francisco tomorrow 63 degrees, but clouds and rain back on wednesday. we get a break thursday through saturday looking dry. sunday and monday showers are back. so we have three days of rain over the next seven. >> looking good, man.
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>> mild and wet. >> all right. coming up we dig into our super bowl archives for a lesson in gator cooking new orleans style.
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communication notre dame football star manti te'o had with an imaginary girlfriend, lennay kekua. we're getting an in depth look tonight at the online communication between notre dame football star manti te'o had with an imaginary girl friend lennay kekua. november 19th, 2011 is the first tweet exchange where they refer to each other as lovers. then things take a turn for the worse. kekua tweets about her health scare. dem 12th, 2011 te'o tweet -- december 12th 2011 te'o twittered thanking fans for their prayers. now back to the 49ers, this isn't the first time the 9ers have played in the super bowl in new orleans. the last time was in 1990 when they beat the broncos. >> we are digging into the archives this week and tonight cbs5's kate kelly meets the gatorman. >> any time gator started causing a nuisance he was the
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guy to call and kate found out he put them to good use. >> we're going to make us a good old old cajun alligator popsicle. how do you catch an alligator? very, very carefully. you handle that while i get a little garlic. everything is done in louisiana with a paddle. we paddle our way through the bayou. putting in a little sweet basil and there's the sauce that. alligator swam his last mile now. >> boy, that looked good, didn't it, a little gator? tomorrow night we meet the voodoo man. we'll take you through this, so get used to it. he had an unusual way of blessing joe montana. don't miss that one. >> can't wait for that. >> i sat next to kate kelly in that game in 1990. the dramatic moment in the
11:25 pm
49ers locker room that told so much about the debartolo family? i've got the show stoppers next.
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career..he has made believers out of coaches, fans, analysts, and most importantly, his teammates.
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the super bowl will be just the 10th start of colin kaepernick's career. he has made believers out. coaches, fans, analysts and more importantly his teammates. >> kaepernick is the imagine, very bright future, very bright future. >> instead kaepernick did it with his arm completing 76% of his passes. still it's his break-away speech that has coach harbaugh dreaming at night. >> just the way colin kaepernick runs, you know, the gracefulness of his stride, the ground that he covers, it reminds me of me when i run. ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ ♪. >> and then i wake up. become one t >> he can dream a couple more weeks. the los angeles clippers have become one of the premier teams in the nba. they've only lost 10 games, but
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three losses have come to the warriors. david lee back after missing saturday's game with his sprained ankle. 1st quarter jarrett jack pushing it forecourt slips it by carl landry one of his 10 assists, his third straight game with 10 or more. blake griffin won't be entering any shooting contest at oracle any time soon. earlier this month he clanked one off the backboard. look at the warrior fans. they couldn't believe how bad that shot was. back to today. some advice? stick to the dunking play. 4th quarter warriors up by two. take it away, bob fitzgerald. >> and the pass putting it up in the air. oh, threaded the needle! >> 18 points off the bench for that man. golden state closed out the clippers on a 12-4 run. warriors beat the clips 106-99. lost in the hoopla of the nfc championship was a very
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telling moment in the 49er locker room. eddie demarlo who lost control of his beloved 49er franchise in 2 now accepted the george halas nfc championship trophy. here's tonight's they said it award. >> i'm a imagine. i'm 40! >> i want winners! >> i'm emotional and the tradition continues with a fantastic family who has done this and they did it with class with great organization, fantastic coach, fantastic staff and it's just the beginning. i love you all. god bless you and congratulations. >> i love you. we've been there for each other through thick and thin. we've come full circle and the dynasty will prevail. >> go to i write about this. that was a very telling moment. you know they've been through an awful lot. >> we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. letterman is next with jamie foxx. >> we are your super bowl station. >> who is? >> we are, super bowl. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york,
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the greatest city in the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and then, with a durable nonstick coating, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: thank you. thank you so very much.

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